Stantec Office Makeover

Feb 6, 2023 | Bespoke, Feature Wall, Foliage, Interior

Having spent the pandemic working from home, long-standing client, Stantec were keen to encourage their staff back into the work place at their High Wycombe offices. They did of course, turn to team iBrand and gave us the task of making the office environment a more enjoyable space for their staff. Off we go to High Wycombe to carry out a thorough site survey to better understand how the office space that will have the maximum impact.

Survey complete and it’s time to call in our Design Monkey (aka Lily), to create a proposal that is sympathetic to Stantec’s company values and principles. Creative ideas flowing, Lily produces stunning visuals that include a selection of one-piece wallpapers throughout the office space, a built up Stantec logo in the reception area and various acrylic signs.

The highlight of the proposal however was in the breakout area. Lily has been really creative in this area producing a design that includes one-piece brick effect digitally printed wallpaper and a faux living wall with white acrylic letters sat in the greenery, representing one of Stantec’s values.

The client loved the proposal and asked us to proceed the vision without delay. It’s now time for the print, production and installation teams to spring into action. Ably led by the Sign Jedi (aka Garry), the branding was installed over two days and the results are fantastic! Looking for office signage in Warrington? Contact us today.

Faux living wall at Stantec, High Wycombe.
One piece, high definition wallpaper in the offices at Stantec, High Wycombe.
Built up logo for the kitchen area at Stantec, High Wycombe.
Decal cut wall graphics following Stantec's brand colour guidelines.
Another one-piece, high definition wallpaper for the offices at Stantec, High Wycombe.
One-piece wallpaper, designed and installed by team iBrand.
Reverse printed way-finding acrylic on stand-off locators for Stantec.

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