How to announce a company rebrand

Sep 19, 2023 | blog, Rebranding

How a business announces its rebrand can significantly influence how employees and customers respond to it and the rebrand’s overall success.

Unveiling a rebrand without giving any context is a common blunder. When a business rebrands, its employees, customers, and stakeholders will want to know the background behind why they made the changes and what to expect next.

Poor communication surrounding a rebrand can lead to confusion and alienation among employees and customers.

In this article, we’ll provide tips and advice on how to announce a rebrand to improve the likelihood of its success.

Why is it important to announce a rebrand?

Company rebranding announcements play a crucial role in shaping the perception of the new brand identity.

The announcements set the tone for how employees, customers, and stakeholders view the rebrand. When announcing a company rebrand, it’s important to explain the rationale behind the changes and how they align with broader business objectives and will provide added value to customers.

Without clear communication, a rebrand can confuse and alienate stakeholders. A well-structured announcement can help to mitigate some of the risks associated with a rebrand.

How to announce a rebrand

Before you communicate your rebrand, you’ll need to plan how to go about it by following these three key steps:

  • ∙Identify who you need to make announcements to.
  • ∙Identify which channels you will use.
  • ∙Craft a clear and consistent message.

How to announce a rebrand to your employees

One of the most important audiences when communicating a rebrand is your employees. Their understanding and acceptance of the rebrand is crucial to its success. Your employees are on the front line in customer interactions, so they must understand and embody your brand.

When communicating a rebrand with your workforce, the announcement should provide clear information about the following:

∙The strategic reasons behind the rebrand.

∙What changes to expect.

∙How it will affect employees’ roles.

∙How employees will be involved in the process.

∙Any new responsibilities or protocols post-rebrand.

∙Rebranding training.

 The announcement could be made through a variety of channels, including:

  • ∙Email announcement
  •  ∙Internal newsletter
  • ∙Company-wide meeting
  • ∙In-person meetings

Using multiple channels for a company rebranding announcement helps ensure the message reaches everyone.

It is also useful to prepare and distribute resources to help employees understand the rebrand and for them to refer back to.

Don’t forget to leave lines of communication open for questions and feedback, and take on any employee concerns and feedback on the rebranding.

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